Eureka Outline

Outline brings a modern design sensibility to a broad family of luminaires, giving architects and lighting designers a design language that readily translates to a very wide range of spaces and applications.

LumenPulse Lumenblade

ENVIRONMENTAL INTELLIGENCE Motion Detector. To respect the natural environment, Lumenblade lowers its output when no one is near. At the first sign of being needed, Lumenblade’s integrated motion detector increases output and security.

Elegance that Performs

Peerless® Olessence™ offers the best of OLED and LED in a slimmer form factor than before at 4.5″ x 0.5″. OLED source delivers bright but soft, uniform diffused ambient lighting LED uplight adds high-lumen performance and precise optical control. Now with a power over aircraft cable, Olessence gives the impression of light floating in space…