Who is RC Lurie Multiuse?

We focus on providing our clients exceptional service including design assistance, procurement, project management, and help preserve the investment of new high-density residential construction (hospitality, student housing, assisted living, multiuse, apartments, condos, and multifamily). Our knowledgeable team of 70+ employees is capable of taking on any size job and complexity. We work directly with top lighting and controls manufacturers to ensure that the lighting package delivered is timely, cost effective, high quality, reliable, and performs as intended.


Turn your vision into reality with our one-on-one design services including design team coordination, specifications, budgeting, code compliance, photometry, and controls.


RC Lurie has earned a stellar reputation for unparalleled reliability and expertise over our 60+ years of being in business. We represent best in class manufacturers with options to accommodate the highest end builds to the most cost-conscious projects.

Project Management

Working with our distribution arm, you’ll always be assured that your fixture package is well managed and in good hands. Lighting packages include insurance, secured facility staging, delivery, and phase delivery. As a solvent company, we have superior financial backing to ensure you aren’t incurring undue burden for your lighting/controls procurement.


At the project’s conclusion, we provide a complete lighting fixture and controls owner’s manual to help facility personnel maintain and run the location with confidence, including start-up services for your project.
The Bottom Line

We understand that we are a small piece of your project but take pride in helping you execute your vision. You have countless options, but we are confident that we will earn your trust through effective communication, execution, and relationships. We are here to make your project successful today and in the future.