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Landscape Forms

Industry leader collaborating with world-renowned designers to create integrated solutions of high-design site lighting

Lauren Illumination

Manufacturer of TILT lights (Thin Light Technology)


Decorative interior and exterior products for hospitality, commercial, and residential

Lighting Control & Design (LC&D, a division of Acuity Brands)

Simple user friendly, yet flexible lighting controls

The Lighting Quotient

From simple utilitarian structures to grand architectural masterpieces, they combine serious engineering performance with elegant artistic design, comprised of the Elliptipar and Tambient lines

Lightnet (A division of USALightings)

Architecturally driven interior luminaires for highly diverse applications in traditional and nontraditional form factors

Limburg (a division of Bega)

Decorative yet functional interior lighting known for the quality of its glass and timeless design

Lithonia Lighting (a division of Acuity Brands)

Providing the industry’s broadest line of commercial, industrial, institutional and residential fixtures

Luca Light

American manufactured, rectilinear LED pendants for aisle lighting and stack luminaires for libraries with a focus on optical control and distribution


Decorative sconces, pendants, and ceiling mounted fixtures made from blown and fused glass, perforated metals, as well as fabric and stainless steel

Lumenalpha (a division of Lumenpulse Group)

Architectural point sources for retail, commercial and architectural applications

Lumenarea (a division of Lumenpulse Group)

High-performance luminaires for outdoor architectural applications, including architectural, urban, pedestrian and professional landscape lighting segments

Lumenpulse (a division of Lumenpulse Group)

High-performance LED fixtures for interior and exterior lighting applications from wall grazing to general illumination


Design and Manufacturer of custom light columns, poles and other architectural site lighting products with high-tech options


Small-scale linear LED extrusions, display lighting, and wall mount products for interior and exterior environments


Architectural interior and exterior products with industrialized aesthetics

Lumium Lighting

LED and fluorescent linear lighting products with a variety of innovative options for the architectural marketplace

Lunera Lighting

Retrofit LED lamps with imbedded controls


Exterior products from flood lighting to large area luminaires, made in the USA

Mark Architectural (a division of Acuity Brands)

Innovative specification-oriented pendants, recessed, perimeter, and cove systems

McFadden Lighting

Leading manufacturer of fine architectural church lighting, custom lighting, historical lighting restoration, and RLM lighting

MODA Light

High performance LED linear, recessed, surface, and tape light in white light and RGB

Modern Forms

A division of W.A.C., exquisite decorative luminaires for residential and commercial spaces

Myers Power Products

Emergency lighting inverters including uninterruptible and fast transfer systems to support all lamp sources


Traditional and contemporary Italian lighting with design solutions that work well in architectural environments


Devices to transfer lighting loads to backup generator or inverter power in the event of normal power loss

nLight (a division of Acuity Brands)

Revolutionary digital architecture and networking technology that cost-effectively integrates time-based, daylight-based, sensor-based, and manual lighting controls


Interior and exterior luminaries developed in Germany and made in the USA

Ohyama Lights

Energy-efficient solutions for industrial and commercial applications

Peerless (a division of Acuity Brands)

Leader in optical design for linear products with solutions for a variety of applications


Decorative, handmade blown glass shapes of almost infinite variety in the highest traditions of the Murano glass masters

Prudential Lighting

Linear pendant and recessed along with wall mount products for most applications

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