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Active Safety

Innovative photoluminescent signage and egress path marking systems

Acuity Brands

North American market leader, comprised of multiple manufacturers for general commercial and specification grade products

Aculux (a division of Acuity Brands)

Recessed, multiple, square and round specification grade downlighting.


Minimalistic recessed linear and suspended products with companion wall and surface mounts that seamlessly integrate into their environment with a small focus on exterior, made in the USA


LED wall sconces in fabric or resin embedded with fabric or natural materials

American Electric Lighting (AEL, a division of Acuity Brands)

Luminaires for exterior environments with a focus on infrastructure and utilities


Interior and exterior lighting solutions for a wide array of applications including commercial, hospitality, municipalities, retail and universities

ANP Lighting

Complete Line of Decorative Performance Area and RLM Lighting

Antique Street Lamps (a division of Acuity Brands)

Collections of historical and transitional architectural exterior lighting solutions

Architectural Cathode Lighting

Innovative and unique neon, cold cathode and LED lighting

Architectural Lighting Works (ALW)

Luminaires manufactured in the USA and designed with elegant, balanced shapes and strong understated lines

Arcluce (a Division of USALightings)

Wide range of uniquely shaped European-designed exterior lighting


The Human Light. Iconic lighting forms synonymous for Design, Innovation and Made in Italy.


Linear and recessed luminaires for general, ambient, task, and architectural applications in commercial and institutional spaces


Specification grade, low profile fluorescent and LED linear fixtures for architectural and display applications, made in the USA


Budget friendly commercial and retail shades, sign lights, industrial, and warehouse fixtures


Architectural outdoor luminaires with European style, made in the US


Architectural and industrial emergency units, exits, and inverters

Beghelli Luce

Architectural, industrial, and hazardous solutions


Recessed multiples along with cove fixtures in multiple lamping configurations

Beulux (a division of USALightings)

Cost-conscious, linear LED extrusions and LED tapelight for interior and exterior environments

Blackjack Lighting

Unique contemporary LED luminaires for task, ambient, and decorative applications

Borden Lighting

Decorative surface mount, pendant, and interior and exterior wall mounts with custom capabilities


Metallic and non-metallic vaporproof fixtures in a wide array of lamping options along with a decorative line of shades


Exterior solar LED lighting systems designed for off-grid applications


Linear recessed, surface, and suspended LED fixtures along with tape light and recessed downlights

Cerno Group

Industrial design and manufacturing company innovating modern LED light fixtures

Craft Metal

Distinctive lighting for architectural applications with a focus towards churches and the ability to do custom fixtures

Cole Lighting

Specializes in step lights, darkroom safelights, exits, illuminated signs, plugging boxes, downlights, illuminated handrail, and custom products

CoolEdge Lighting

Cutting edge, scalable, flexible LED light sheet that provides high quality seamless lighting over a broad range of sizes and shapes


Accent and architectural lighting solutions focused on innovative LED technology

Delray Lighting

Architectural linear pendants, pendants, and downlighting

Delta Light

Contemporary high-end architectural lighting from Belgium

Del Toro

Interior and exterior fixtures that are classical in character and modern in functionality with the ability to do customs, made in the USA


Architectural interior and exterior products for commercial and institutional markets

Design Pole

Leader in public space design with innovative concrete pole products for commercial, street, traffic signal, CCTV, security and park lighting

DMF Lighting

Extensive selection of recessed, track, and pendant lighting ideal for residential and commercial applications


Worldwide leader in LED lighting and LED lighting solutions for high bay applications


Leader in wireless controls, which are innovative yet sustainable solutions, improving the facilities environment and saving energy


Cutting-edge LED linear cove, wall grazing, and floodlighting products for architectural and commercial applications

Edison Price Lighting

Optically precise downlights, grazing wallwash systems, and track for applications ranging from commercial to museums and residences, made in the USA


Emergency lighting products, exits, and accessories

EELP Lighting

Budget friendly exterior and high bay lighting

Efficient-Tec International

Complete lighted and unlighted handrail solutions for your code compliant projects

Elan Lighting

Decorative luminaires with metal, glass and crystal accents for commercial and residential applications

Electronic Theater Control (ETC)

Leader in controls, lighting, and rigging technology for entertainment and architectural applications


Unique, hand crafted modern fixtures created by patternmaking techniques

Elliptipar (a division of The Lighting Quotient)

Class leading asymmetric performance luminaires that produce an even wash of light across any architectural surface, no matter how broad or tall

Ember LED

LED solar and on-grid LED luminaires for site, roadway, pedestrian and floodlighting applications

Energie Lighting

Decorative pendants, wall mount, and performance driven linear


Decorative interior and exterior lighting solutions


Innovative life safety products including emergency lighting, central power systems and self-luminous signs that deliver unparalleled performance and sophisticated aesthetics


Italian designed recessed, surface, pendant, floor, and table mounted luminaires with modern design trends


Small scale fluorescent and LED lighting for cove, display cases, and undercabinet

First Light Technologies

Solar powered and high performance LED bollards and luminaires for pedestrian scale applications

Fluxwerx (a division of Lumenpulse Group)

Minimalist suspended and recessed light fixtures with LED-based, precision-engineered, transparent vertical optics

Fresco (a division of Acuity Brands)

An elegant, versatile, touchscreen control system providing interface-free control of traditional, color changing and tunable white fixtures

GO Lighting

A North American manufacturer producing energy efficient, general illumination LED products.

Gotham Lighting (a division of Acuity Brands)

All aspects of architectural downlighting based on optical performance, reliability and innovative manufacturing processes with LED

Green Creative

Comprehensive line of high-performance LED lighting with ENERGY STAR and DLC certified indoor retrofit and new construction lighting solutions

Healthcare Lighting (a division of Acuity Brands)

Innovative lighting solutions for patient care settings and surgical, procedure and diagnostic applications that contribute to the healing process

Hess America

German designed interior and exterior luminaires along with site amenities which have unparalleled design characteristics, utilizing quality materials and finishes

Holophane (a division of Acuity Brands)

Lighting systems for interior and exterior environments known for their superior borosilicate glass reflector/refractor

Hydrel (a division of Acuity Brands)

Ingrade, underwater, and floodlighting products designed for lighting architecture and landscapes

HK Lighting Group

Innovative and unique exterior lighting products built on the principles of longevity, performance and clean design

Illuminating Experiences

Decorative European products ranging from contemporary to traditional and fabricated from hand-blown glass, fabric, acrylic, and a variety of metals

Indy (a division of Acuity Brands)

Recessed, multiples, high bay, low bay and sign lighting products for general commercial and specification grade.

Juno (a division of Acuity Brands)

Recessed, Track and undercabinet products ranging from residential to general commercial and specification grade.


Durable and sustainable solutions for healthcare, cleanroom and containment, food processing, transportation, correctional, and high abuse applications


High performance, superior quality, and innovative luminaries for commercial, healthcare, and maximum security market segments, mad in the USA

Kurtzon Lighting

LED and fluorescent solutions for cleanrooms, indoor sports, hazardous locations, food processing, wet locations, vandal prone areas, and medical facilities

Landscape Forms

Industry leader collaborating with world-renowned designers to create integrated solutions of high-design site lighting

Lauren Illumination

Manufacturer of TILT lights (Thin Light Technology)


Decorative interior and exterior products for hospitality, commercial, and residential

Lighting Control & Design (LC&D, a division of Acuity Brands)

Simple user friendly, yet flexible lighting controls

The Lighting Quotient

From simple utilitarian structures to grand architectural masterpieces, they combine serious engineering performance with elegant artistic design, comprised of the Elliptipar and Tambient lines

Lightnet (A division of USALightings)

Architecturally driven interior luminaires for highly diverse applications in traditional and nontraditional form factors

Limburg (a division of Bega)

Decorative yet functional interior lighting known for the quality of its glass and timeless design

Lithonia Lighting (a division of Acuity Brands)

Providing the industry’s broadest line of commercial, industrial, institutional and residential fixtures

Luca Light

American manufactured, rectilinear LED pendants for aisle lighting and stack luminaires for libraries with a focus on optical control and distribution


Decorative sconces, pendants, and ceiling mounted fixtures made from blown and fused glass, perforated metals, as well as fabric and stainless steel

Lumenalpha (a division of Lumenpulse Group)

Architectural point sources for retail, commercial and architectural applications

Lumenarea (a division of Lumenpulse Group)

High-performance luminaires for outdoor architectural applications, including architectural, urban, pedestrian and professional landscape lighting segments

Lumenpulse (a division of Lumenpulse Group)

High-performance LED fixtures for interior and exterior lighting applications from wall grazing to general illumination


Design and Manufacturer of custom light columns, poles and other architectural site lighting products with high-tech options


Small-scale linear LED extrusions, display lighting, and wall mount products for interior and exterior environments


Architectural interior and exterior products with industrialized aesthetics

Lumium Lighting

LED and fluorescent linear lighting products with a variety of innovative options for the architectural marketplace

Lunera Lighting

Retrofit LED lamps with imbedded controls


Exterior products from flood lighting to large area luminaires, made in the USA

Mark Architectural (a division of Acuity Brands)

Innovative specification-oriented pendants, recessed, perimeter, and cove systems


Refined and contemporary collection of designs for indoor and outdoor use, crafted out of Barcelona

McFadden Lighting

Leading manufacturer of fine architectural church lighting, custom lighting, historical lighting restoration, and RLM lighting

MODA Light

High performance LED linear, recessed, surface, and tape light in white light and RGB

Modern Forms

A division of W.A.C., exquisite decorative luminaires for residential and commercial spaces

Myers Power Products

Emergency lighting inverters including uninterruptible and fast transfer systems to support all lamp sources

Neidhardt (now part of the ALW family)

Products ranging in style from modern to architectural, providing innovative design using distinctive and efficient materials.


Traditional and contemporary Italian lighting with design solutions that work well in architectural environments


Devices to transfer lighting loads to backup generator or inverter power in the event of normal power loss

nLight (a division of Acuity Brands)

Revolutionary digital architecture and networking technology that cost-effectively integrates time-based, daylight-based, sensor-based, and manual lighting controls


Interior and exterior luminaries developed in Germany and made in the USA

Ohyama Lights

Energy-efficient solutions for industrial and commercial applications

Peerless (a division of Acuity Brands)

Leader in optical design for linear products with solutions for a variety of applications


Decorative, handmade blown glass shapes of almost infinite variety in the highest traditions of the Murano glass masters

Prudential Lighting

Linear pendant and recessed along with wall mount products for most applications


Unique and innovative line of LED and linear low voltage products

Rayon Lighting

LED and induction lighting for commercial, industrial, and residential markets with products for interior and exterior use

Reel Tech

Maintenance-free lowering solutions for individual luminaires or groups

RELOC (a division of Acuity Brands)

Modular-wiring solutions for lighting control and power distribution systems


Complete line of severe environment, explosion proof, hazardous location, wet location, and damp location lighting products suitable for almost any industrial application


Interior and exterior products with European aesthetics, made in the USA

Sensor Switch (A division of Acuity Brands)

Industry leader in occupancy sensor products and technology for lighting controls


A division of Valmont, leading brand of composite light poles in North America


LED directional signs and signals, made in the USA

SoftForm Lighting

Illuminating interiors with a unique, visually superior, stretched fabric light forms utilizing white or printed fabric panels

Solavanti Lighting

Featuring contemporary European Design product in specification grade for a wide range of commercial applications


Specification grade LED lamps with full spectrum color rendering

Spec Grade LED

Innovative, high-quality, high-output specification-grade LED luminaires for commercial and industrial applications


Self-luminous exit signs


Sustainable modern wood poles, bollards, and illuminated outdoor furniture with unparalleled quality and durability

Sunoptics (a division of Acuity Brands)

Prismatic skylights allowing you to turn off your lights during peak daylight hours, bathing a space in natural light and reducing energy consumption and cost

Tambient (a division of The Lighting Quotient)

Furniture-mounted and portable light fixtures that combine task and ambient lighting into a single unit oriented around modern workplace furniture systems to create a clean ceiling and workspace

Teron Lighting

Leader in providing a wide range of decorative commercial grade energy efficient green lighting solutions serving multiple market segments in both interior and exterior applications, made in the USA

Thompson Lightning Protection

Complete protection from lightning damage for all structures from homes to hospitals, schools to smokestacks, high rises to hazardous facilities

Times Square Lighting

Manufacturer of theatrical and architectural lighting fixtures, Truss and mounting systems


Specialty cove, accent, and highlighting solutions in low voltage and LED sources

USAI Lighting

High performance LED downlights, wallwashers and accent lighting products that artistically blend innovation with color, optics and technology

V2 Lighting

Interior and exterior LED luminaries with innovative designs and uncompromising quality

Valmont Poles

Steel poles for street, commercial, and sports lighting along with decorative bases and curved poles


Contemporary decorative luminaires with unique aesthetics and unparalleled quality

Visa Lighting

A leader in quality decorative performance for interior and exterior lighting with a focus on education, healthcare, and multi-family

Visionaire Lighting

A leader in high performance outdoor area lighting with a focus on sports and automotive

Vode Lighting

A modular lighting system offering minimalistic architectural lighting forms that create clean lines within the built space


Competitively priced functional and decorative fixtures for commercial and residential applications


Full line of high quality, energy-efficient LED, fluorescent and halogen lighting solutions for a diverse range of architectural, office, medical and industrial applications

Wayne Tyler

Architectural concrete bollards with aluminum, bronze or brass lighting elements

Winona (a division of Acuity Brands)

Decorative ceiling mounts, pendants, sconces, along with asymmetric luminaires and indirect solutions

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